, Inge van Bogerijen, Keramiek van Campen

In 1985 I graduated from the teacher training college The Witte Lely Amsterdam in subjects crafts and textile arts with a major in ceramics. Since that time I work as a ceramist. My work consists of unique things. As a starting point for a new serie I choose a theme such as balance, contrast, wires, lids, shards.
I make especially vase and bowl shapes, sometimes objects, usually of coarse stoneware clay, and built up with the hand.
Characteristic is the combination of round and sleek shapes and lines and asymmetry. It is a search for balance and tension that is created by adding another material like metal,,nl,cork or wood or by partially glazing the work,,nl, kurk of hout of door het gedeeltelijk glazuren van het werk.
I also make necklaces of porcelain inspired by natural forms.
My work is glazed stoneware glaze or rubbed with oxides and dyes and often fired several times over 1200 degrees C..
I also make urns commissioned for various crematoria, funeral homes and for individuals