, Andrea Boerman, Keramiek van Campen

A technical description of the current creative work
I once mentioned my work : "An imaginary discussion with M. C. Escher ".
Initially I kept not working on this graphic, it was so that someone made me attention to the similarities between his work and mine, and that proved to be especially the principle of regular tesselation. I used separate elements that I simply mounted to a pot together.
What intrigued me was that you could put down these elements, endlessly, so I wanted to find a form for my pots in which there would be no end or edge of a lake. By making the elements disappear over the edge of a “black hole”” or gradually in an unprocessed plane, I suggest "infinity", a theme that always comes back into my work.
My fascination with the endless and repetitive patterns is certainly not diminished. One of my enduring inspiration ( and also that of Escher ) the Moorish tile designs in the Alhambra. Here you will find mosaics consisting of a series of abstract geometric shapes and mosaics that look like a braid look. In the first case, you will see a multitude of repetitive elements, and it seems at first a completely chaotic but concentration is revealed the true structure and strict, almost mathematical, regulation.
The braid motives themes like infinity, endlessness planning and insight.. The complicated structure can only be detected by the lines, endlessly woven seem to be, follow with your eyes in order to discover the principle of planning.
A combination of both repetitive elements such as a braid, I realized in my last pots. At the bottom of formed, by drawing in the clay, a braid that, WHEN clearly visible, slowly becomes repetitive elements. The braid is cut away as a kind of trellis which the interior of the pot is experienced as a deep dark space.
I have also made practical work where the construction is similar to my independent work. Of the designs I've made plaster molds so they can be cast in porcelain. This material is for firing glass hard, the color is bright white and the casting process, I can make the shard is very thin so soft translucent. The small size and material makes these designs to get the value used for me was the old precious dishes in the display cabinet.