, Atelier, Keramiek van Campen

Keramiek van Campen since 2001 the workshop of the ceramists Andrea Boerman and Inge van Bogerijen.
The studio is located in the business complex at the Zamenhofstraat and is called Halte Zamenhofstraat . It is situated between the river IJ, the Vliegenbos and the Vogelbuurt in Amsterdam North. On this site there are about 130 studios, businesses and workshops.
It is a dynamic place where many activities take place. Each year many people join the Open Atelierroute North.

Most of the time we are working in the studio and it is always possible to come along. We can be reached by phone or email for an appointment.

Andrea Boerman: 06 2913 0883
Inge van Bogerijen: 06 4961 6394